Nicotine Solutions

UK Nicotine supplies a wide range of nicotine solutions in either PG or VG base and concentrations up to 7.2mg per ml.

E-Liquid Bottles

A wide range of e-liquid bottles and packaging such as our popular heat shrink wraps are always in stock at our UK warehouse.

E-Liquid Flavourings

We stock a range of e-liquid flavours such as our very popular and high quality ethyl maltol crystals.

Craft brewers have almost unlimited choice but what about vapers?

We agree. Those who take an interest in brewing beer, wine or cider seem to have an almost endless list of suppliers whom they can source their ingredients, bottles and equipment from but what about us vapers.

UK Nicotine has been set-up to supply e-liquid manufactures big and small (The individual too) with high quality UK made nicotine solutions, base chemicals, flavourings, equipment and bottles at trade prices. Without the trade sized minimum order quantities.

All of our products listed online are in stock within the UK ready for dispatch around the world. If you require a size, quantity or variation which is not available please get in touch.

Top Products E-Liquid Heat Shrink Wraps

UK Nicotine Direct To You

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